We are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.

All donations are Tax Deductible to the extent of law. 100% of ALL donations are used to Keep 'Em Flying.

Thank You. All donations are appreciated!


If you are interested in becoming an Aircraft/Pilot Sponsor, a Restoration/Maintenance Sponsor, or a Supporting Sponsor on our aircraft, please contact our Operations Officer at for detailed information. Many non-pilots choose to become Aircraft Sponsors to express their support of a favorite aircraft, realizing the expense in keeping them flying. Below are the three levels of Sponsorships and their respective costs.

The Aircraft / Pilot Sponsor

The highest level of aircraft support is the Aircraft/Pilot Sponsor, who for a donation of $1,500 becomes a full sponsor of one of our aircraft and is eligible for selection as a pilot in command or other flight crew member, if he or she is qualified.

The Restoration/Maintenance Sponsor

A second level of support is the Restoration Sponsor, who for a donation of $750 shows his or her significant support for the restoration or continuing maintenance of a CAF aircraft, and may participate in its operation as a second in command pilot or other crew position, if he or she is otherwise qualified and additional crew members are required.

A Restoration Sponsorship may be upgraded to a Aircraft Sponsorship, thus making it possible for some sponsors to help restore aircraft and then fly them.

The Supporting Sponsor

The Supporting Sponsor is the third level in the Sponsor Program, and allows members to support an aircraft with donations from $150 to $500.

Supporting sponsors may be eligible to serve in non-pilot crew positions, such as Crew Chief, Navigator, Scanner, Mechanic or Support Crew, depending on their training and qualifications and the need for additional crew members.

Sponsorships are tax-deductible! Thanks for helping us "Keep 'em Flying!"