The Maxine Flournoy Third Coast Squadron of the Commemorative Air force (CAF) has established our Hall of Fame which serves to honor the service and sacrifices of our veterans from the Coast Bend Area of South Texas.

The Squadron accepts nominees to the Hall of Fame from family, friends and other interested people of veterans who have served our country. Each nominee's information is submitted to the Squadron’s Hall of Fame Committee who reviews the submitted information and makes its selection and presented to the Squadron Staff for approval.

The selected nominees are honored at a formal ceremony at our hangar which will be attended by a large crowd and local officials. The nominee will be recognized and awarded a personalized plaque. The nominee, a family member or friend will have the opportunity to give a speech about the nominee.

In many cases this will be the first time the nominee has been recognized as a veteran and the families are truly touched by the ceremony. More often than not, family members have stated that they learned things about their loved one that they never knew.

One of our Squadron’s mission is to keep up this tradition to honor and express our thanks to our veterans and hopefully honor many more of our veterans in the future.

A duplicate plaque will be hung in our Museum of Military History on the Hall of Fame Wall. In addition, a permanent webpage will be created on our website for each nominee which will include a picture of the plaque, pictures from the ceremony and a video recording of the speech. Of course the webpage can be viewed at any time, any place with an internet connection. This allows family and friends who couldn’t attend the ceremony the opportunity to see it online.

As you go through the Museum you will be able to get more information about the Hall of Fame members by Oral History or on the Museum Audio Tour program on our website.